Moran's Butchers and Delicatessan
Market Square | Ballina | Co. Mayo | Ireland
Phone: 096 22735
Fax: 096 77851
Moran's Butchers & Delicatessan


Whether you want a quick, tasty, take-away lunch or are catering for a crowd we have a large selection of cold meats, salads and cheeses to suit your appetite and budget.

Please drop in to discuss with Peter or call the shop on 096 22735.

Cold meats

  • Ham: Simple, smoked, crumbed, with cloves. Just ask!
  • Chicken and turkey. Sliced whatever way you like.
  • Corned beef.
  • Salami - a wide variety.


  • Coleslaw. Finely grated white cabbage and carrot with a creamy, low-fat, mayonnaise.
  • Red onion slices.
  • Grated carrot. Served plain. Dressings available separately.
  • Diced peppers - red and yellow.
  • Diced ham and mandarin orange.
  • Potato salad. Diced boiled potato, mayonnaise and parsley.
  • Pasta salads. A variety of pasta is available and each of these can be supplied with a variety of sauces - simple, spicy, mushroom, chunky sweet pepper, etc.
  • Tuna.
  • Chicken. Again a choice of tikka, massala, Cajun, mild and hot curry!
  • Green salad. Good, reliable, lettuce.


We carry a wide variety of Irish, English and European cheeses. Many of these can be sampled in the shop and cut to the size you want.
  • Irish Cheddar.
  • Carrigbyrne Farmhouse St. Killian - a soft creamy cheese similar to Camembert.
  • Le Gruyère -
  • Camembert
  • Port Salut
  • Slilton - blue
  • Edam
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