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Moran's Butchers & Delicatessan

Gluten and allergy

We are conscious of food allergy and intolerance and are happy to provide information on ingredients used in any of our prepared foods. For those intolerant to wheat or gluten all of our breaded or crumbed items are off the menu as are some of the sauces used on our prepared foods as they do contain wheat in some form.

For those with allergy we offer the following:
  • Plain meat. We offer a wide range of sauces, garnishes and condiments and will be happy to help you choose a suitable accompaniment to the meat without any offending ingredients.
  • We can check all ingredients used in a particular product. Some of the sauces we use are suitable for those with certain allergies.

Gluten-free sausages!

Yes! Delicious gluten-free sausages.
These have been very popular and won us many customers in the past. We're not making them just now due to organisational constraints but hope to be making these in our shop again soon.

As always, ask in the shop or phone.

Tesco "Free-From"

Tesco (across the street) sell a range of "Free From" foods. The buns are suitable for burgers, hot-dogs, etc. They are a bit crumbly - gluten, after all, is what holds bread together - but they are better than nothing!

The Free-From range is more expensive than regular brands but you can claim income-tax relief. Keep the receipts!

For more on wheat free eating have a look at Wheatfree Recipes from Ireland.

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