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Moran's Butchers & Delicatessan

Monthly e-mail draw

We want you to keep us in mind and support our local business which, in turn, supports our local suppliers and the local (and national) economy. We send out a monthly e-mail giving news of special offers as well as recipe tips. As a reward for listening to our ramblings, each month we draw an email address from our internet hat and award a 25 voucher for our shop to the lucky winner.

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Terms and conditions

  1. Privacy: We hate e-mail spam (see below) and will not disclose your email address to anyone else (unless required by law).
  2. We can't see ourselves having time to write more than one email a month so we won't clutter up your inbox.
  3. This offer can be terminated at any time and without prior notice.
  4. No purchase is necessary to enter our draw.
  5. Entry is restricted to residents of Ireland.
  6. No cash alternative is given.
  7. Prizes must be collected from the shop. (We're rewarding our customers.)

What is spam?

Well, we're a butcher shop and we should know!

[From Wikipedia.] SPAM is a canned precooked meat product made by the Hormel Foods Corporation. The labeled ingredients in the classic variety of Spam are: chopped pork shoulder meat with ham meat added, salt, water, sugar, and sodium nitrite to help keep its color.

Introduced on July 5, 1937, the name "Spam" was chosen when the product, whose original name was far less memorable (Hormel Spiced Ham), began to lose market share. The name was chosen from multiple entries in a naming contest. A Hormel official once stated that the original meaning of the name Spam was "Shoulder of Pork and Ham". According to writer Marguerite Patten in Spam The Cookbook, the name was suggested by Kenneth Daigneau, an actor and the brother of a Hormel vice president, who was given a $100 prize for coming up with the name. At one time, the official explanation was that the name was a syllabic abbreviation of "Spiced Ham".

Spam was one of the few meat products excluded from the British food rationing that began in World War II, and continued for a number of years thereafter.

The Monty Python comedy troupe used this as the context for their "Spam" sketch, in which the menu at a greasy spoon cafe consists almost entirely of dishes containing one or more portions of Spam.

What's that got to do with email?

The repetitious nature of the Monty Python sketch, in which the customer becomes more and more exasperated by the appearances of "Spam" in every menu item, gave rise to the term spam as the common term for unsolicited bulk electronic messages.

The Monty Python sketch

Here's the Monty Python sketch - but subscribe to the newsletter before you watch it!

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